Come What May

“Tell me, you’re harnessing all your pain and changing it into your driving force, you’re picking up stones they threw at you and building castles with them”. Come What May is a story of undying courage. Through a collection of Poetry, Prose, and Letters, it shows how feeling every single thing can be both a malady and a cure. It talks about the effect of discrimination, bullying, rejection, and detestation and tells you how to deal with all of them with strength, compassion, dignity, and faith.

Come What May charted on the Amazon Best Selling Book List of Poetry Category for 8 weeks straight and has now become the first commercial book by a Pakistani author to become a mandatory part of English Syllabus for a major school system.

About The Author

Dr. Hasnain Ali Syed was born in Sialkot, Pakistan from where he received his early education. After graduating from High School, he was accepted into Shaikh Zayed Medical College, Lahore from where he did his Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. He has acquired an additional Bachelor in English and has studied Moral and Political Philosophy from Harvard University, USA. Throughout the course of his education, he was always invested in reading books of various genres and writing short pieces of his own. His work was published in Nationwide magazines making him win the Chief Minister's Writing Award for one of his writings.

During Medical School, he served as the Founder and first Editor in Chief of the official Magazine of Shaikh Zayed Complex, "Phoenix" and also became the first student head of the Literary Society. He divided his time between debates and declamation, writing, and other performing arts.

Dr. Hasnain A Syed graduated from Medical School in early 2018 with distinction and currently he is completing his residency in the Department of Internal Medicine, Shaikh Zayed Hospital, Lahore.


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You thought about it and realized you could not avert talking about it, so you made a story and narrated it to them. You said it so many times and to so many people, and each time with growing ease, that now, speaking about it doesn’t irk your conscience anymore. Your lie has resonated so much it has almost become the truth. Oh, and you yourself have started to believe your story too. Now, even when you silently try to recall what actually happened, you just can’t. Because the thing is, the truth has faded away inside of you, forlorn and forgotten. Too meek, too feeble to find its way to the surface.

So Congratulations!

 Your lie has become the truth,

and not just to them but to you too.

-Pathological Liar

It is amusing
Yet so confusing
How a person
Can be the definition
Of One word
And its opposite.
That one Person
Can be both;
Your “strength”
And your “weakness”
At the very same time

-Word Opposite

I burnt the bridges in my sane mind
I have to now, swim though this ocean
I cannot afford to stop for a second
To survive, I have to be in motion

-No turning, No stopping

Wondered what you’d be inside
A melodic ballad or a piece of art
So I let myself fall deep in you
 I took a trip inside your heart
As I walked through, to my dismay
I found nothing that would shine
Instead its walls were black with smoke
Your heart was like… a coal mine

-Coal Mine

Shadows and Silhouettes,
A hundred demons inside and out
Thorns, hurdles and mountains
Tribulations, as I set about
Crippled, marred, and broken down
My clothes drenched in sweat and blood
I’m all alone by the river bay
I did, somehow survive the flood
Now I shall move to the woods
They’re dark, but I will find a way
If there is no path, I will pave one
I’ll reach the other side, come what may


-Come What May

I’m tired of saying, “This too shall pass”.

Lately, I realized I have been saying this way too often, it speaks of how every now and then, I’m waiting for the moment to go by quickly, the time to pass by. What am I holding onto then, if all I’m wishing for, is my life to fast forward into another moment when again, I’ll say nothing else but “this too shall pass”. What’s after that? Where is the rainbow? What is the silver lining I was waiting for?

What is that moment when I will say with relief,

“I hope this moment does not pass,

I hope it stays,

Because I want to live it for as long as I can”

-This too shall pass


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Respected Senior Session Judge (R) Syed Ijaz Gillani

"I have yet to see a young writer, using such beautiful language"

Matt Acer


From shattering stereotypes to fighting racism, bullying, and prejudice. I am in love with how Hasnain A Syed has dealt with the topics so beautifully